Who is Chris?

Podcast Host: Cup of Tao
Author of two books
Consultant (former psychotherapist)
Self-Defense Instructor
Public Speaker / Topic Expert
Artist / Graphic Arts Designer

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Accepting Life on Life’s Terms

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Available in: printed, digital, and audio-book formats!

This book contains elements of contextual psychotherapy, philosophy (Taoism with some sprinkles of Stoicism), and life wisdom that Chris has used to help countless clients in his lifetime careers! 

Find out what Chris has shared with both professionals and clients for many years!

Cup of Tao (podcast)

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Chris has hosted Cup of Tao for many years.

Cup of Tao is Ancient wisdom for modern times!

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Aiki Judo / Empty Gi style

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Learn about a style of the martial art of Judo that is commonly referred to as “empty gi” or “empty jacket.”

It is like fighting an empty jacket! A unique style that can be used for self-defense – utilizing an opponents energy against the opponent!

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Did you know that Chris is an artist?

Chris has experience using pencils, inks, oil paints, acrylics, pastels, and digital art.

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