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“An appealing guide to self-help psychology… his writing engages, with many short exercises that demonstrate the elaborate excuses and unclear thought patterns many of us unconsciously utilize.”
“…acceptance and finding happiness within despite outward trials is part of a deeply personal creed that McClish has experienced and now shares with others… McClish has organized his book well, dispensing genuine wisdom with gentle humor, for an accessible work of Taoist philosophy.”

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– Chris L McClish

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Can you be like water? The wisdom of Lao Tzu (the founder of Taoism) is reflected in this book, which challenges us to use what we now call “mindfulness” in order to change our relationship with our thoughts, meanwhile being more fully present in the joyful moments of life, before they pass us by. Chris draws from his experience in many life roles in order to provide you with glimpses of ancient wisdom as applied to the modern tough life circumstances that we often find ourselves in.You may find that you change your view and actions after you adapt to a way of being that has helped many people such as yourself, throughout the ages.

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