A younger Chris

Chris was a psychotherapist (licensed in Kansas) for many years. He was known for his background in a mix of therapeutic styles, which drew from philosophy (eastern and western) including mindfulness-based contextual psychotherapies. Additionally, his Native American heritage contributed to his love for spiritual based philosophical themes. He had been at the top of his class in his graduate degree studies in psychology. He was well-respected for his service as a mentor, supervisor, private practice clinician, through his work in both hospital and outpatient settings. After a brief hiatus in 2014 due to some health setbacks, he decided to choose a second career and went into a law enforcement role, eventually becoming a supervisor.

Throughout his life, Chris had also explored his talents and interests. Growing up, he had studied music and had become an accomplished local musician, specializing in keyboards and musical composition. His musical career starting out on the piano and organ, then moving to synthesizers, with ultimately using computerized synths and compositions using computer software.

He also explored drawing as a child and progressed this talent in high school, discovering pastels, colored pencils, oil and acrylic painting. As technology improved, he went on to explore digital arts and computer aided designing. He also taught himself web design using a various mediums/platforms.

Additionally, he also had obtained certifications as a life-coach, personal trainer, and became an author. He was requested as a public speaker: presenting mental health related topics due to his career expertise in several areas. Further, in 2004, he became a participant in the sport/martial art of Judo and eventually became an instructor in the martial art of Judo. He coached national champions in the sport and advocated for a specific style of Judo involving mostly non-resistant techniques (empty-gi or “empty jacket” aiki-style Judo).

Whether it was artwork, web-designing (for those who held small business practices), wood-working projects (for those who wanted quality products), self-defense instruction, life-coaching, or mentoring, Chris has done all these with pride and dedication. As if all that wasn’t enough, he additionally has been a podcast host for “Cup of Tao”. He has held “many roles, many journeys and one spirit!”

Chris resides with his wife and youngest son in the Kansas City, Missouri area and currently continues a “day job” as a supervisor in a law enforcement environment.

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